Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do they come in?

All products are made to order, and we can accommodate most sizes.

How much is delivery?

Depending on the size and weight it can vary, in the region of £6 upwards. All packages are fully insured when posted.

Are the planters lined?

Yes, all planters contain a special type of fabric which allows the soil to breathe and allows moisture and nutrients to penetrate. The planters also come with holes along the bottom to allow water to escape.

Will outdoor products be weather treated?

All outdoor products are weather treated to prolong the life of the product. However we recommend during winter months that you store in a dry place.

Do the shelves come with wall fittings?

We purposely do not include or attach wall fittings to our products, as we believe everyone likes to hang them in a different way.

How do I pay?

We only accept, cash on collection, or payment via PayPal.

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